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Staff Photo Tom Cook’s Law Firm’s Excellent DWI Defense Results An extensive analysis by the DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE of the 3 leading DWI law firms in Monroe County reported that Tom Cook’s Law Firm over a 6 year period had a 76% Dismissal or Drastic Reduction rate for the DWI clients it represented.

Tom Cook’s Law Firm attempts to accomplish dismissals, reductions, or we act to protect our clients (no jail, no probation, no license problems, etc.) The very favorable results, in thousands of DWI cases handled by the firm have been achieved in all the courts in Western New York.

The above prior dismissals allow our DWI attorneys to negotiate very good dispositions for our new DWI clients (if not otherwise dismissed).

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Some of the reasons for the VERY FAVORABLE RESULTS, in THOUSANDS OF DWI CASES handled by the firm (Tom Cook, Judy Sinclair and Jen Renn), in ALL THE COURTS in Western New York, are as follows:

  1. No speedy trial
  2. No supporting deposition
  3. No legal proof of operation
  4. No jurisdiction (wrong Town, etc.)
  5. No reply to our legal motions
  6. Police officer not show up at trial
  7. Police officer not show up at probable cause hearing
  8. No proper foundation for chemical test
  1. No observation period for breath test
  2. No chain of custody, unchanged condition, for a blood test
  3. No probable cause for the stop
  4. No probable cause for the arrest
  5. Not guilty or guilty of a mere traffic infraction after trial by a Judge or jury (no reason given) — reasonable doubt?