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Criminal OffenseCriminal Defense Attorneys with Extensive Experience

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense, it is crucial that you obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about the criminal law, is familiar with the criminal court systems (judges and prosecutors) and has years of experience handling criminal law cases. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, you could be facing very serious consequences such as:

  • Local jail or state prison,
  • Probation,
  • High fines,
  • Consequences to your driver’s license such as a suspension or revocation,
  • Issues with applying for certain jobs or obtaining state issued licenses,
  • Possible suspension or revocation of your pistol permit,
  • Possible issues with obtaining student loans.

We provide experienced representation to clients facing a variety of criminal charges (both misdemeanor and felony level charges) including but not limited to:

  • Grand & Petit Larceny (Shoplifting or stealing)
  • Endangering the Welfare of a Child
  • Assault
  • Harassment in the 2nd Degree
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance (Illegal drugs or prescription drugs)
  • Unlawful Possession of Marijuana
  • Computer Crimes
  • Aggravated Harassment
  • Forgery
  • Burglary (Illegal entry into a home or building)
  • Issuing a Bad Check
  • Trespassing
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Obstructing Governmental Administration
  • Criminal Possession of Stolen Property
  • Menacing